Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Luksusbaby A/S

This Code of Conduct describes the ethics and behaviours, which Luksusbaby A/S (“Luksusbaby”) wishes to promote throughout its supply chain. It is directed at any suppliers and subcontractors, who manufactures products on behalf of Luksusbaby or otherwise is participating in the supply chain of Luksusbaby.

Management systems

  1. The supplier shall develop and maintain appropriate management systems to ensure constant improvements of its operations and thereby the level of compliance with this code.
  2. The suppliers shall establish and maintain internal policies ensuring ethical production and environmental responsibility. In that regard the supplier shall have efficient systems in place, to ensure these policies are effectively implemented and monitored.
  3. The supplier must perform their own risk assessment of all facilities to identify areas in need of improvement and perform annual self-evaluation checks on their own and subcontractors’ facilities, to ensure they are working within this code.


  1. The supplier shall display the highest level of ethical integrity when dealing with workers, suppliers and Luksusbaby´s representatives. The supplier shall actively work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and public and commercial bribery.


  1. The supplier shall provide an anonymous method for workers to report workplace grievances. This shall be done to ensure, that policies are in place to protect workers, when complaints and grievances are reported in good faith.

Ethical sourcing of materials

  1. The supplier is required to source raw materials and fabrics responsibly.
  2. Animals shall not be harmed in the production of products for Luksusbaby. Materials derived from animals must be from animals treated according to animal welfare laws and international recommendations.
  3. Raw material production and assembling hereof must not conflict with human rights. In case Luksusbaby decides, that working with certain companies, regions or countries is conflicting with this Code of Conduct, the supplier must respect such decisions made by Luksusbaby.

A healthy, clean and safe working environment

  1. The supplier must create and maintain a healthy, clean and safe working environment.
  2. Emergency preparedness: The supplier shall provide a safe working environment. All fire safety precautions are therefore to be taken including adequate warning systems, provision of fire safety equipment, training of employees in fire response, clear and well-marked exits and escape routes. There must be a written and communicated emergency response procedure.
  3. The supplier must also comply with all safety precautions regarding the use, storage and handling of chemicals. Employees must be sufficiently trained in handling chemicals. There shall be a Material Safety Data Sheet listing all chemicals on site.

Training and communication

  1. The supplier must proactively take responsibility for the general health and safety of employees.
  2. All employees shall undergo effective training and information sessions regarding health and safety precautions in the workplace. Factory management should actively facilitate the establishment of workers’ health and safety committees.

Reducing the risk of injury

  1. The supplier must provide a safe, clean and healthy working environment, in which adequate space and services for employees are provided.
  2. To prevent injury the supplier must also do a thorough risk assessment of all areas of the facility and ensure, that employees are not working in a dangerous environment.
  3. The supplier must provide sufficient and well-maintained personal protective equipment, and all risks must be clearly signed.
  4. Furthermore to ensure a safe and healthy workplace there must be a sufficient number of employees trained in first aid and adequately stocked first aid kits available to all employees.

Living areas

  1. The supplier must ensure all dormitory buildings are separate from the factory building.
  2. Dormitories must have sufficient living and storage space for workers, and all necessary services must be provided. Dormitories, kitchens and dining areas shall also present all necessary health and safety as well as fire safety precautions.

Environmental protection

  1. All applicable environmental laws must be followed by the supplier, who shall set up an environmental management plan to minimize the effect of business activities on the environment.


  1. All chemicals and hazardous materials must be safely handled, transported and disposed of according to law, with detailed records kept. The Material Safety Data Sheet must be available in the local language, where the chemicals are used.

Energy efficiency, air emissions and climate change

  1. The supplier commits to be working on reducing their energy consumption and greenhouse gas footprint. Resource consumption, waste and emission generation during production and operation must be monitored and controlled.

Cleaner production and waste management

  1. Natural resources must be used with respect by the supplier, who shall also work to improve resource efficiency. The supplier shall implement methods to reuse or recycle waste production and emissions to the extent reasonably possible.
  2. Additionally the supplier shall use water responsibly and work to minimise water footprint, including reducing water use and implementing water recycling as much as reasonably possible. Furthermore the supplier must treat and dispose of wastewater according to applicable law or the benchmark guideline in the industry, whichever is higher.

Human rights and labour rights

  1. Human rights and labour rights are extremely important to Luksusbaby.
  2. Forced or involuntary labour is unacceptable. The supplier must not use any illegal workers or any kind of forced labour. Workers should have the right to terminate a contract after legal notice, and they should not be directed to leave any form of deposit or identity papers with their employer.
  3. A signed employment contract must be easy understandable and available to all workers.
  4. Workers must furthermore have free access to toilets, water and religious facilities, and they shall have permission to leave the factory under reasonable circumstances.

Working hours and rest

  1. This code seeks to ensure righteous working hours and adequate rest. In that regard the working hours must always be kept within legal limits and benchmark industry standard. In no event working hours shall not on a regular basis exceed 48 hours per week, and the supplier must provide adequate rest days classified as at least 1 day off in a 7-day period.
  2. Overtime shall be voluntary, and it shall not exceed 12 hours per week. Any overtime must always be compensated at a premium rate, and it must not be demanded on a regular basis.
  3. Employees are entitled to refuse overtime without incrimination.


  1. The supplier shall ensure adequate compensation and must always comply with current laws concerning compensation for work, including overtime payments and payment procedures.
  2. Deductions from wages, which are not required by law, must not occur, and wages shall not be withheld.
  3. Employees are entitled to at least the statutory minimum wage or the standard benchmark rate in the industry, whichever is higher. The wage shall be enough to meet basic needs and provide some discretionary income. In that regard the supplier is expected to be open and to actively work on reaching a sustainable solution to provide fair living wages.

Collective bargaining and freedom of association

  1. The supplier shall recognise ILO conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of association, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to organise and collective bargaining.
  2. The supplier will not interfere with workers´ unions and will not prevent workers from joining these unions. In connection workers must not face prejudice due to union membership or active participation in workers´ committees.
  3. Worker representatives shall have access to carry out their function in the workplace. In cases where freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is restricted or prohibited under law, the employer must facilitate alternative forms of independent and free worker representation and negotiation in accordance with international labour standards.

Discrimination and harassment

  1. It is important for the workers to be ensured freedom from harassment and discrimination regarding race, colour, caste, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or marital status.

Child labour and young workers

  1. The prevention of child labour and protection of young workers is of highest importance to Luksusbaby . Therefore no child below the age of 15 may be employed by the supplier, including during school holidays. Provided that the law states a higher age, the law must be followed. The supplier must have sufficient management systems in place to ensure no children are employed. In case workers below the age of 18 are employed, these can only undertake light work, and all laws concerning the treatment of young workers must be followed.

Regular employment and protection of vulnerable groups

  1. Small workshop subcontractors, temporary or homeworkers must be employed according to legal requirements.
  2. Furthermore the supplier shall ensure, any third-party agent providing employees is complying with this Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.

Supplier commitment to the Code of Conduct of Luksusbaby A/S

The supplier herby confirms to have received, read, and understood the Code of Conduct of Luksusbaby A/S and that it will comply with it in all respects.

Luksusbaby A/S is entitled to modify, make additions to or otherwise change this Code of Conduct at any given time. The responsibility to keep up to date with the latest version rests with the supplier. This Commitment will always refer to the latest Code of Conduct. The supplier may contact Luksusbaby A/S at any time to gain access to the latest Code of Conduct or find the latest version on the website [ ]

In case the supplier does not comply with this Code of Conduct, Luksusbaby A/S will be entitled to cancel orders and terminate the business relationship with no compensation required.

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